Welcome To Blood Savers

Mobile Blood Savers offers a complete intra-operative cell salvage (ICS) service – everything you need for an elective operation – operator, Cell Saver machine and all equipment. At a time, place and date as requested by you. Even if you only carry out 2 or 3 operations a year in which the patient would benefit from ICS – you can still offer this service.

Smaller hospitals are now able to offer the highest standards of care in cell salvage as the larger hospitals. Currently only the larger Hospitals can offer a safe ICS service as staff must use their skills in ICS regularly in order to maintain competency.

Patients benefit from getting their own blood back

• Enhanced post-operative recovery

• ICS is proven to reduce the incidence of post-op infection

• ICS is proven to reduce the length of hospital stay

• ICS removes the major risks of a donor blood transfusion

• Clean, washed and fully functioning red cells that get to work immediately

Are patients in YOUR hospital offered their own blood back?

Any patient with antibodies

• Any patient who does not want to have a donor transfusion – to avoid the risk or for religious reasons

• Any patient who would have a 2 unit cross-match

We Use the CPR Computer Disposal Service. Part of CPR Computer Recycling to do our bit for the environment!