Why Blood Savers

Patients have many reasons for not wanting a donor blood transfusion, if they can avoid it. There are always risks from a donor transfusion, the biggest risk is getting the blood that was meant for someone else. When you get your own blood back, this risk is avoided completely. The process is carried out thousands of times, every day, around the world. The risks, when carried out by someone who is trained and experienced, is negligible.

When you get your own blood back, it is fully functioning and can get to work immediately (donor blood takes up to 24hours to work properly).

Because your immune system isn’t fighting against a “foreign” substance (donor blood), it is able to concentrate on your recovery from the surgery – you are less likely to get a post-operative infection of any kind if you avoid donor blood.

Because of all these reasons – you are likely to spend less time in hospital!

Not every patient will need or be suitable for “Getting their own” blood back. The Mobile Blood Savers leaflet will help to explain the process. You must also discuss with your surgeon whether this is available already in your hospital.

If your local hospital does not have the system in-house, they can hire Mobile Blood Savers for the day to give you the same high standard of care as in other large hospitals.
Why should other patients (just because of their religious beliefs or geographic location) get a higher standard of care than you?

Download the Mobile Blood Savers Patient Information leaflet here

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